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Alessia Carnevali – Interview

Today we’re going to interview a professional photographer, Alessia (@alessiacarnevali on Instagram). She loves taking photos on motorbikes, especially motocross, and she does a really good job! Let’s start with the interview!

You can follow her on Instagram, @alessiacarnevali

Motoadicted: Hi Alessia! So, first of all, what’s your name, how old are you and where are you from?

Alessia: Hello! my name is Alessia Carnevali, I’m 21 and I’m from the Marche (Italy).

Motoadicted: Tell me about your story with the photography: how old were you when you had your first camera, when did you start taking photos in motocross..?

Alessia: My family gave to me my first camera when I was 13, I always liked creating “memories” because that’s how I see photography. I always had a passion for motorcycles and since the last year, I have decided to combine my two passions: photography and motorcycles!

Motoadicted: That’s awesome. I really like your photos and you’re very active on Instagram, do you take photos every weekend?

Alessia: Thank you very much! Of course, every weekend! I participate in all the championship races of my region and when there are no races I usually go where riders train to take some photos. I can’t stay without doing it!

Motoadicted: You really love it!! I would like to know everything about your camera, everything you use for taking those phenomenal pictures.

Alessia: I like it so much! I have always used Canon machines, I have two camera bodies: a 1200d and a 70d, the first one is more suitable, only for taking pictures. 70d is very good for both: shooting and making videos!

In fact, not a long time ago I also started making and editing videos at freestyle competitions and events, I have 7 photographic lenses, 3 microlenses to photograph details, 2 telephoto lenses for natural and landscape photos, an 18-135 and my favorite and the most used, a 100-400 to capture the best moments even from far away (almost 3 kilos heavy!).

Motoadicted: So when you go for taking some pictures, your bag weights like 10 kg ๐Ÿ˜†

Alessia: Haha more or less! So i’m training too ๐Ÿ˜†

Motoadicted: Thereโ€™s one last thing I would like to ask you. Whatโ€™s your advice for someone who wants to start taking photos and sharing them on Instagram?

Alessia: Instagram is the world of photography! So the most important thing is to differentiate yourself and be easily recognized. If someone sees your photo he must think it is yours before seeing who published it! That’s how you will make the difference, to improve by taking pictures… I only recommend you… Take your camera and shoot!!

Take your camera and shoot!!

Motoadicted: That’s a wonderful advice. Thank you so much for answering!

Alessia: It was a pleasure for me!

Go to Alessia’s profile on instagram by clicking here

See you in the next post, motoadicteds!

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