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How to grow on Instagram 2019

Growing on Instagram nowadays is not as easy as it was five years ago. Do you want to know how did I get 6.000 followers on my moto page? Then continue reading these pieces of advice.

1.- Mindset

This is the most important point, your account could be the best one but, if you don’t have an appropriate mindset, you will fail.

Maybe you want to start on Instagram just for fun, and probably the first day you will be extremely motivated, but it’s difficult to see that you don’t receive more than 30 likes per post at the beginning, but remember that nothing is easy at the beginning. You will be spending a lot of time on your Instagram page… for just 20 likes.

But not only in the beginning; during two months I’ve been uploading content every day, and I got 200 followers on that while of time. That’s hard, but I continued, and now I usually get that amount of followers in one day. Darwin’s theory of natural selection; not everyone survives.

2.- Hashtags

Let’s learn something practical; hashtags. Imagine you have 0 followers and you post one picture, how can people see your picture? Nobody follows you, and that’s why hashtags were invented (well, that’s my theory 😆 ), if you use hashtags then users can see your picture and you will get your first followers. But now the question is, what hashtags do I have to use?

Well, I recommend you to use apps or websites to generate the best hashtags for your content, you just have to google “Instagram hashtags generator” and you have thousands of sites “Focalmark” is a very good app for hashtags, or websites like this one.

3.- Join a DM group

Joining a DM group is very important. Well, probably you are now thinking, what the h*** is a DM group? It is an Instagram group in which there are several Instagram accounts whose help each other by commenting and liking each other posts, usually users with the same niche.

Why is this important? Well, let’s explain it with an example. Let’s imagine two Instagram pages about cars, the first one called “Ferrari” and the second one “Lamborghini” that are in a DM group. Ferrari comments Lamborghini “Nice picture!”, then if Ferrari likes Lamborghini’s content, Instagram will recommend to Ferrari’s followers Lamborghini’s content on the “Explore” page.

This strategy doesn’t work very much if the accounts are in different niches.

4.- Perseverance

You have probably heard a lot of times about perseverance, but it’s really essencial.

Instagram recommends to other people your content if you post everyday. As I said before, the first days will be easy, but sometimes you don’t want to post; you are too busy, too tired… And this is useful to practice the most useful muscle: discipline.

As motomediaa said (you can read the full interview clicking here):

“M: One last question Nathan, if someone who’s starting a motorbike Instagram account asks you about the “key of success” on Instagram, what would you tell him?

Nathan: When someone asks me what the trick is, I always tell them to post as consistently as possible and post things that you would click on yourself!”

He has more than 50k followers on Instagram so you should listen to him!!

Thanks for reading, soon I will post part 2 😉

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