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How to make viral content on Instagram – How to grow on Instagram #2

There’s no fixed formula to know how to make viral content on Instagram, but you can improve your posts so you can make viral posts frequently. Before reading this post, I would recommend you to read this post about Instagram, to know a little bit more about this subject. Let’s start with it!

Why Instagram makes some posts viral?

If we want to “hack” Instagram algorithm, we must understand it first. First interactions are the most important ones for Instagram. We can ask ourselves now, what’s better, likes, comments or saves?

Well, all of them are them are important, but the most important and easy to get are the comments. Saves are also really important, but it’s difficult to make people save your posts. And how can I make people comment on my post?


A good description is the key to achieve a lot of comments, and you have to adapt it to the content you’re sharing.

To show you an example, if you post something funny about 2 drunk guys and you include in the description the sentence “Tag that drunk friend”, you will receive a lot of comments of people tagging other people. Comments tagging other people are the best ones because you reach new people, and more than that, those people tagged in the post will answer to their friends, so you will get 2 comments instead of one.

Click here to see this post on Instagram

This is a funny video I’ve posted. There’s a guy riding his bike in a funny way (it seems he has no idea about riding a motorbike). Guess the description in that post…

Exactly, “Tag that friend” is not a complicated description, but it works perfectly in this case; people will tag their friends.

There also exist posts made exactly for getting comments, like the following one, they work also very good.

Lil wheels

I won’t include DM groups on this section, we will analyze them later.

To finish with this “comments” section, I’ll give you a tip. If you want to know if you’ve written a good description for your post, ask yourself, “Would I comment?”. Please, be honest.

Good content and cover

This is an essential point. You can’t make viral a bad post, or a post in a 144p resolution (yeah, I’ve tried it). You can’t make viral a makeup tutorial if you’re a car account. Come on, be realistic.

Choosing a good cover is easy but important; before uploading the video (if it’s a video), set an interesting cover so people who see you in the ‘Explore’ or ‘Hashtags’ page will click on your post.

For example, if the video it’s about a guy doing a backflip, set as cover the part where the guy is laying down (the most stunning part)

Choose the most stunning frame.

Good hashtags

Hashtags are important, but they’re really essential for small accounts. How can you reach people if you’re a little account? Exactly, hashtags.

There are a lot of myths about hashtags on Instagram, but I will tell you the truth: try all you have heard/read and then continue with the best option.

5, 10, or 30 hashtags? Try it on three different posts, then watch in which one you got more impressions from “Hashtags”.

Small or very used hashtags? Try both of them, but, as I said in my last post about Instagram, there are a lot of pages that can help you to choose the best hashtags. You can also go to famous accounts in your niche and go to one viral posts, copy the hashtags and use them.

There’s one thing you shouldn’t do: don’t repeat always the same hashtags. If you don’t believe me, as I said before, try it!

There will be soon a second part, so stay tuned to this page!

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