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The rarest motorcycle world records

Motorbikes are, for some of us, the best way to have fun, but, did you know some of the Guiness World Records on a bike? Let’ see them!

Longest travel through a fire tunnel

They are not Russian! 😆

Yes, there are people that love going through that kind of tunnel. Enrico Schoeman and André de Kock, two South Africans did the hottest travel in 2014 through a 120 meters fire tunnel on a sidecar.

The longest motorcycle ever

(2014 again?!)

Bharatsinh Parmar in India, the 22nd of January 2014 built the longest motorcycle in the world with 26,29 meters long.

I can’t imagine how this guy does roundabouts 😆

The longest motorcycle travel ever

If you are a Hondaddicted comment below!

Emilio Scotto, an Argentine man, started his travel in 1985 with a
Honda Gold Wing 1100 and 300 dollars in his pocket, it finished in 1995. He’s like an adventures human book. He ended up in jail 5 times. Once, he was arrested because people thought he was a CIA agent.

I would pay a lot of money just to talk with this man for an hour. Am I the only one?

The youngest human riding a bike

Mario was 1 year old when he started riding his bike. I tried to teach my nephew to accelerate my motorbike when he was 8/9 months old and he couldn’t, how did Mario do this?

PS: My nephew is now 2 and he loves motorbikes. I tried to teach him to ride since he was born 😆

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