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Why should I use helmet?

The helmet is the most important protection when you’re riding.

We all have been a crazy teenager who thought only about riding fast, no matter what he does or wears, but we should know what does riding without a helmet means.

motocross jump

Even if we won’t ride fast, helmet is very important.

Just send it…with protection!

Helmets were used for the first time by the British army at the WWII, but until almost the XXI century, they weren’t obligatory in most of countries.

A recent study founds that 45.3% of impacts that a motorist receives in the head in case of an accident are in the center of the chin, mouth, nose, cheeks and eyes.

This is why we have an integral helmet and not just a hat: chin receives the worst injuries.

We all know that friend who saved his life thanks to the helmet or even other protection (jacket, pants, gloves… are important but they’re almost nothing compared to helmet security), including me. I was 13, riding at my village’s track, and I crashed right with my forehead, I was riding too fast and my bike went crazy. Fortunately, nothing happened, I was wearing a helmet.

Nowadays we have really nice and useful helmets, so esthetic isn’t a problem. It’s true that sometimes our neck suffers because of it, but it is a very low price to pay for your security.

Anyway, remember that you always have to wear the helmet, a helmet that fits on you perfectly. With it, the chances of a motorcycle fatal accident are reduced by 30%.

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